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RAUDHAH poster

Pictures by Ian Ahmad. Poster design by Nurul Diyana.

Pertubuhan Penyayang Ar-Raudah is an organisation that provides shelter and basic needs for orphanages and unfortunate children around Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Pertubuhan Penyayang Ar-Raudah has a total of 90 children living in a house with only two rooms.  More info at their official website.

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4th May 2009 – All three of our Malaysian representatives visited Pondok Penyayang Raudhah. It was shocking: a total of 90 orphans with only 2 rooms to spare.

Quoting Amirah:

They actually need A LOT of help:
1. Transportation – bus/van. Currently the kids take public buses to school.
2. Groceries – constant shortage on dry goods and groceries (biscuits, onions, ikan bilis etc).
3. Used clothes are always welcomed.
4. Cash – at least RM1600 monthly for maintenance (for 90 kids, excluding volunteers)
5. Motivation – most of the kids are a step closer to giving up on education and life in general.

Their rooms

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