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Guest Band: Flop Poppy

Flop Poppy

We are proud to announce that Malaysian favourite Flop Poppy will be part of this event, thanks to Air Asia X! They will be performing their hit songs and we hope they will also introduce new songs from their upcoming album!

Flop Poppy is undeniably a well-known band, but many do not realise that they have been around for quite some time. They started playing in 1989—the first line-up consisted of Andy as the lead guitarist, Syed Wayar on guitar, Vijay as the bassist and vocalist Radhi (now in OAG).

The local scene was first introduced to Flop Poppy in 1991 with the compilation Circle of Friends, but they kept quiet soon after. Andy then decided to bring back Flop Poppy as a one-man band and released the debut album A Decade Ago. The album spawned hits such as “For The Rest of My Life” and the love anthem “Cinta”.

Soon after, Flop Poppy emerged as a full band and three successful albums followed up the debut album’s success: Cinta, Say La V and Cendera Jiwa. The rest is history as they say, Flop Poppy is currently one of the most successful rock band in Malaysia, and we have heard that their fifth album will be out next month with twelve new songs! They are currently made up of Andy on vocals, Cha’a on lead guitar, Megat playing rhythm guitar, bassist Ejam and Mie on drums.

We would be lying if we say that we’re less than excited to have Flop Poppy in With Love Down Under. To tell the truth, we’re already expecting a night of infectious melodies and sing-alongs.

Don’t miss them! Purchase your tickets now!

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