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We are always looking for more volunteers to help out with the event.

To contribute in this charity event, drop us a line of interest at

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Here is the list of our volunteers so far:


  1. Shafini Abd Hafiz
  2. Sabrina
  3. Shazana

Crowd Control

  1. Muhammad Ridhwan bin Mohd Halimi
  2. Muhammad Irfan bin Jusoh
  3. Muhammad Izzat bin Abdul Rahman
  4. Muhammad Hafizi bin Ariffin
  5. Dzul Redza bin Haridan
  6. Muhammad Asyraf Mangsor

Misc. –  will be informed as date approaches

  1. Nadeera Nazlan (Stage & Welfare)
  2. Mohd Daniel Johari (Stage & Welfare)
  3. Mohd Fikhri Sabturani
  4. Jason Gapang
  5. Stuart Rawson
  6. Azry Mohamed Noor
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